Ross Lagerwall 𝅘𝅥𝅮

Ross Lagerwall is a guitarist and musician based in Cambridge, UK. His music combines 1960s and 1970s pop, rock, and blues with more modern influences. He regularly posts covers on YouTube.

He recently released his first full-length album, Paradox of Paralysis, in January 2021. The album has an organic aesthetic and was entirely self-produced.

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Paradox of Paralysis

Paradox of Paralysis is Ross Lagerwall's first full-length album, released in January 2021. The album was recorded at his home in Cambridge and was entirely self-produced. The album has an organic aesthetic, inspired by the "imperfect" recordings of the past.

Track Listing

1.Introduction Deconstruction02:20
3.The Snitch03:11
5.Missing Person Report03:20
6.I'm Never Drinking Again03:06
7.Fletcher Lore02:00
8.War Machine03:35
9.At the End of Days04:04

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Bitter is a single off Ross Lagerwall's upcoming album. Released in December 2020.

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